• 2016 Inductee – Builder

    John Douglas Oldford more…

  • 2016 Inductee – Coach

    Marven Taylor more…

  • 2016 Inductee – Athlete

    John McIsaac more…

  • 2016 Inductee -Athlete

    David Jones more…

  • 2016 Inductee – Athlete

    Brian Tidd more…

  • 2016 Inductee – Team

    1959-1960 “A” Boys Soccer Headmasters Provincial Champions


  • 2016 Inductee – Team

    1964-1965 “A” Girls Volleyball Headmasters Provincial Champions


  • 2015 Inductee – Builder

    Louise Sanderson

    Louise moved to Annapolis County in 1988 with her husband and two daughters. more…

  • 2015 Inductee – Coach

    Derek Woodbury

    The Special Olympics program in Annapolis County is very blessed to have such a dedicated coach, Derek Woodbury. more…

  • 2015 Inductee – Athlete

    Phillip Boyd

    For most of its history, Bridgetown Regional High School has been known as a “ hot bed” when referring to track and field. more…

  • 2015 Inductee – Athlete

    Gerry MacDonald

    Commitment and determination can lead to great achievements and the record of Gerry MacDonald’s running career is testament to this axiom. more…

  • 2015 Inductee – Athlete

    Carrie Wightman

    When one thinks of swimming in the Bridgetown area, our thoughts go back to the 1980s when the Bridgetown Sea Kings was one of the dominant summer swim teams in the province. more…

  • 2015 Inductee – Team

    1959-1960 BRHS Girls Soccer Team

    BACK ROW (L-R): Dianne Patterson (Manager), Geraldine Mitchell, Frances Lawrence, Bliss FitzRandolph, Vickie Shaw, Donna Pick, Rose Mitchell, Iona Bishop (Coach) FRONT ROW (L-R): Karen Bent, Beth Allan, Sheila Clements, Elaine Mitchell, Joyce Lawrence, Lois MacMillan. more…

  • 2015 Inductee – Team

    1963-1964 Bridgetown Hawks

    BACK ROW (L-R): Lionel Kennedy, Donnie Fox, Dave Nesnick, Paul Wilhelm, Lawrence Bishop (Coach), Peter White (Trainer). FRONT ROW (L-R): Lloyd Bonang, Donny Bezanson, Ed Gillis, Eric Bezanson, Bruce
    Watt (helmet), Raymond Longley, Leo Kaulbach. NOT PICTURED: Amos Stevens, Jr. Laundry, J. C. Spence, Bill Buntain. more…

  • 2014 Inductee – Team

    1984 Sea Kings Swim Team

    Competitive summer swimming was initiated provincially in 1974.


  • 2014 Inductee – Athlete

    Matthew Shaw

    As the son of a golf professional, Matthew Shaw was introduced to golf clubs at an early age. It was soon apparent that he was a natural at the game. more…

  • 2014 Inductee – Athlete

    Daniel Morley

    Daniel was born in 1980 and at the very young age of seven wanted to play golf at every chance he could get. more…

  • 2014 Inductee – Athlete

    Beverly Deal

    Bev attended Bridgetown Regional High School from 1980 to 1985 and during those years, she was a valued member of the soccer, volleyball and basketball teams.


  • 2014 Inductee – Coach

    Allen Hume

    Allen “Al” Hume attended junior high school in Chester, Nova Scotia. However, he spent his tenth and eleventh grade at Charlottetown Rural High School in Prince Edward Island.


  • 2014 Inductee – Builder

    Bronson Rafuse

    Starting at age 16 as an Assistant Coach of the Bridgetown Swim Team, Bronson Rafuse has spent the past 43 years as a volunteer in many roles.


  • 2014 Inductee – Builder

    Max Young

    There have been many contributors to the sport heritage of the Bridgetown area – athletes, coaches and builders. They all played their role in making the Bridgetown community one of the true hotbeds of sport in the province of Nova Scotia. more…

  • 2013 Inductee – Volunteer

    The Hill Family

    Every small town has a family that earns widespread respect for their efforts in making that town a better place to live. more…

  • 2013 Inductee – Athlete

    Tommy Beattie

    In 1964, another Beattie brother graduated from Bridgetown Regional High School. more…

  • 2013 Inductee – Team

    The Lower Clarence
    Tug of War Team

    Where sport is concerned, time has a way of making each generation think that they are faster, smarter and stronger. more…

  • 2013 Inductee – Athlete

    Ernie Bauchman

    Born in Centerlea on May 3, 1936, Ernie Bauchman attended high school at BRHS and became a very well known Nova Scotia track star in the mid -1950s. more…

  • 2013 Inductee – Team

    The 1963 & 1964 BRHS
    Senior Boys Basketball Teams

    The 1963 BRHS Senior Boys Basketball team started their season
    with two exhibition losses. more…

  • 2013 Inductee – Builder

    John Merry

    Small communities have always relied on the volunteerism of their citizens to flourish and grow, and in the history of Bridgetown, John Merry takes a rightful place at the forefront of our town’s civic leaders. more…

  • 2013 Inductee – Athlete

    Alan Vernon Morse Beattie

    Alan Beattie graduated from Bridgetown Regional High School in June of 1956. Alan is remembered by many as the most versatile athlete that represented BRHS in the 1950s. more…

  • 2013 Inductee – Coach

    Mike Stewart

    The coaching resume of Mike Stewart immediately raises two questions; where do you start and how do you condense his achievements into one simple script? more…

  • 2012 Inductee – Athlete

    Roy Mansfield

    The superior man is modest in his speech but exceeds in his actions. – Confucius more…

  • 2012 Inductee – Team

    1946-47 Bridgetown High School Intermediate
    Provincial Championship Hockey Team


  • 2012 Inductee – Lifetime Achievement Award

    Harry Verran

    Harry’s earliest memories include those of loving to run. On the family farm in Placentia, NFLD, he ran a couple of miles each day to bring the cows in for milking. more…

  • 2012 Inductees – Rink Builders

    Hardy Beviss, Jim Hannam, Danny Harlow, Paul Spicer & S/Sgt Steve Stevenson

    The Bridgetown and Area Memorial Arena has been the center of the community for decades. The original arena was built in 1922, with upgrades over the years. In 1965, a fire destroyed the arena, taking with it many memories of games played and championships won. more…

  • 2012 Inductee – Builder

    Duff Montgomerie

    Duff Montgomerie has traveled all over the world representing the Province of Nova Scotia but he is very much a Bridgetown boy. Duff graduated from BRHS in 1966 and during his years at school, he made a major impression as an athlete. more…

  • 2012 Inductee – Athlete

    Heather Kaulbach

    At some point in life most people will face some form of adversity and summon what is needed to meet the challenge. More rare is the person who faces that adversity with a positive determination and succeeds despite it. more…

  • 2012 Inductee – Coach

    Terry Saunders

    Commitment, dedication, effort, integrity. These are words that only have a true value when they are translated into action. For Terry Saunders, that transfer from idea to action has been a lifelong passion. more…

  • 2012 Inductee – Team

    1982-83 Bridgetown Hawks
    Juvenile “B” Provincial Championship Hockey Team


  • 2011 Inductee – Volunteer

    Steve Clayton

    An often quoted rule of life is that no one person is irreplaceable.

    If that is a truth, then Steve Clayton may well be the exception to the rule. Over the past thirty-six years the words Bridgetown Recreation and Steve Clayton have arguably become interchangeable terms. …more

  • 2011 Inductee – Coach

    Charles Scarrow

    Charlie Man was born to coach.

    As a little boy he used to ride his bike up the long road to Windfields Farms to watch the trainer’s gallop the magnificent …more

  • 2011 Inductee – Athlete

    Jesse Elroy “Roy” Mitchell (1903-1951)

    Bridgetown’s Roy Mitchell was one of Nova Scotia’s, and Canada’s, finest boxers. Born in 1903 to parents Annie (Clements) and Elias Mitchell, he spent his early childhood on the family farm in Upper Granville. …more

  • 2011 Inductee – Team

    1969 – 1970 B.R.H.S
    Senior Girls Volleyball Team

    Under the tutelage of Coach Audrey Sturk, the 1969 BRHS Senior Girls Volleyball Team began its season in October by playing Acadia University in two exhibition matches. …more

  • 2011 Inductee – Builder

    Justice K. Lee Crowell, Q. C . (1887-1984)

    The Honourable K. Lee Crowell was born in Sandy Cove, Digby County, in 1887. Though coming from a seafaring family, his interest lay in engineering. His decision to pursue that interest would prove fortuitous for generations of area golfers. …more

  • 2011 Inductee – Athlete

    Janet Merry

    Janet was born in Digby County in 1928, the daughter of the Point Prim Lighthouse Keeper. She earned her Nursing license and moved to Lawrencetown in the early 50’s. …more

  • 2011 Inductee – Athlete

    Deborah Foster

    In 1981, Debbie’s father-in-law, Bill Foster, encouraged her to enter a mixed Lawn Bowling tournament in Kingston, Nova Scotia. …more

  • 2011 Inductee – Team

    1973 & 1975 Bridgetown Men’s Fours
    Lawn Bowling Team

    In 1972, the Bridgetown Lawn Bowling Team of Joe Tidd, John Sproule, Alan Brown and Dick Campbell won the Nova Scotia Men’s Fours Championship, thereby earning the right to represent Nova Scotia at the 1973 Canadian Championships, …more

  • 2010 Inductee – Team

    1953 – 1954 Bridgetown Hawks Hockey Team
    Nova Scotia Intermediate Hockey Champions

    This hockey team stands out in the memory of many citizens living in the Annapolis to Lawrencetown area during the 1950’s and 1960’s as probably the most outstanding team ever produced in this area. …more

  • 2010 Inductee – Athlete

    Howard “Howie” Jackson

    Howie Jackson is one of the most outstanding natural athletes who ever lived in the Bridgetown area and in the province of Nova Scotia. more…

  • 2010 Inductee – Builder

    Jaffray Rice

    In a small community, a successful project invariably involves the hard work and dedication of many volunteers making contributions in all aspects of that project. Inevitably, the efforts of some of those volunteers are, at times, not recognized in a manner that is appropriate to the contribution. more…

  • 2010 Inductee – Builder

    Joe Tidd

    A man devoted to his family, Joe Tidd is also a man who has tirelessly given endless hours volunteering his knowledge and his talent to his community, to the benefit of all ages. more…

  • 2010 Inductee – Builder

    John David “Jack” Walker

    John David “Jack” Walker came to work as the Physical Education teacher at the brand new Bridgetown Regional High School in the fall of 1951. Starting from scratch, Jack Walker began to build an outstanding athletic tradition at B.R.H.S. that has survived to this day, some 60 years later. more…

  • 2010 Inductee – Team

    1962 Bridgetown 7Up Softball Team

    1962 Maritime “D” Softball Champions
    1962 Nova Scotia Intermediate “D” Softball Champions …more

  • 2010 Inductee – Athlete

    Robert “Bobby” Lockett

    Bobby Lockett is one of the greatest long distance runners ever to come out of the Bridgetown area. In 1962, Bobby Lockett started his racing career by breaking the Nova Scotia Native and Open Record in the 1 Mile with a time of 4:33.0, breaking the record set in 1961 by W. Beazley by a margin of 7.4 seconds. more…

  • 2010 Inductee – Coach

    William W. Hirtle

    William Hirtle was a legendary teacher and coach at Bridgetown Regional High School and also coached summer Track and Field with the Bridgetown Royal Canadian Legion Track and Field Club. more…

  • 2010 Inductee – Athlete

    Annette Tidd

    Annette Tidd is one of the finest competitive Lawn Bowlers in the history of Nova Scotia. more…

  • 2010 Inductee – Team

    1963 Bridgetown RCL Branch 33 Track & Field Club

    In 1963, six Bridgetown athletes were named to the Nova Scotia Royal Canadian Legion Track and Field Team and qualified to compete at the Legion Canadian Championships in Waterloo, Ontario. more…

  • 2010 Inductee – Coach

    Dr. Dennis “Doc” Scanlan

    Dennis Scanlon was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in the heart of basketball country. From an early age he had an avid interest in basketball and began playing in the sixth grade. more…

  • 2010 Inductee – Coach

    Jim Saunders

    After an outstanding career as a Softball and Track and Field athlete, Jim Saunders turned his talents to coaching and became one of the greatest coaches in the history of Bridgetown Hockey and sports. more…