2014 Honour Roll

It is the pleasure of the Bridgetown Area Sports Hall of Fame to recognize the accomplishments of individual and team athletes who, between the 1st day of July 2013 and the 30th day of June 2014, competed and won a championship at the Provincial Level, or qualified and competed at a level of competition beyond the Provincial realm.

Accordingly, the Directors of the Bridgetown Area Sports Hall of Fame acknowledge the following athletes and their accomplishments.


2013 & 2014 N.S. Junior Singles

Megan Beckner
Braeden Campbell

2013 Canadian Junior Singles
Silver Medalist

Braeden Campbell

2013 N.S. Senior Ladies Champions

Deborah Foster
Anita Knox
Valerie Bechard

2013 Canadian Championships
Team N.S. – Ladies Pairs

Deborah Foster
Tammy Foster-Veinot

2013 Atlantic Bowls Trials
N.S. Winners / Ladies Triples

Deborah Foster
Tammy Foster-Veinot
Jacqueline Foster

2013 Atlantic Bowls Trials
N.S. Winners / Mens Triples

Keith Ramey
Mike Stewart
Milledge Sheridan

2013 Atlantic Bowls
Mens Triples – Silver Medalists

Keith Ramey
Mike Stewart
Milledge Sheridan

2014 N.S. Ladies Pairs Champions

Verna Murray
Tammy Foster-Veinot

2014 N.S. Ladies Fours Champions

Deborah Foster
June Hodgins
Carolyn Ulch
Jacqueline Foster

2014 Atlantic Bowl Trials – N.S. Winners
Ladies Pairs

Deborah Foster
Jacqueline Foster

2014 Lawn Bowls Team Canada
Member selected to participate in the
Commonwealth Games

Jacqueline Foster


2013 Timex Provincials

Louise LeDuc
1st Place, 50+ Age Group
Qualified for Team Nova Scotia

2013 Canadian 10K

Louise LeDuc
2nd Place, 50-59 Age Group

2013 & 2014
Nova Scotia 55+ Games

Mike Gushue
1st Place, 5K & 10K Men’s 65+ Age Group

2014 Canada 55+ Games (Edmonton)

Mike Gushue
3rd Place (Bronze) 5K Men’s 65+ Age Group
4th Place 10K Men’s 65+ Age Group


2013 Sea Kings – Provincials

Emily Lycett
50m Breast Stroke Gold Medal

Andrew Lycett, Ethan Ward,
Corbin Beviss & Marc Longmire
4 x 50m Freestyle Relay Bronze Medal
4 x 50m Medley Relay Bronze Medal


2013 NSSAF Division III Senior
Boys Soccer Provincial Champions

Jonathan Bent
Tristan Bowlby
Tristan Clark
Garrett Gillis
Bowen Horton
Taylor Hung
Patrick Illsley
Makya Kobashe
Devin Langille
Brent Saunders
Kellen Saunders
John Sarikas
Marcus Schleet
Kyle Taylor
Logan Taylor
Kenneth Tulley
John Zimmerman
Terry Saunders (Coach)
Marven Taylor (Coach)
Stuart Linsell (Assistant Coach)


2013-2014 NSSAF Junior Girls
Badminton Provincial Champions

Emilee Cress
Hailey Saunders
Kelly Ward (Coach)


Petra Rafuse

Member, Dalhousie Tigers Women’s Varsity Team
2013-2014 AUS Champions
2013 Academic All Canadian


Bocce Ball Provincial Champions

Larry Beals
Mike Murphy
Jean Stavold
Brian Wade
Peter Walker (Coach)
Eric Chipman


Mark Crouse
2nd & 3rd -Masters
3rd & 4th – Open

Donovan Crouse
2nd & 3rd – Juniors 16-18 Age Group